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Turkish Fresh Labneh 2.5kg per Box

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Turkish Labneh is a cheese spread from Turkey, made from fresh milk. It’s thick, smooth and incredibly flavorful, perfect for bread, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts.


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Turkish Pinar Labneh is a smooth spreading cheese that’s made from fresh cow’s milk. The cheese spread from Turkey is an essential part of a complete breakfast in the Middle East. It’s incredibly flavorful and easy to spread. At breakfast, it’s eaten with bread and at meals time, it can be added to dishes. The creamy flavor of Pinar Labneh enhances the flavor of food. You can add it to pizzas, soups, desserts, salads, and pasta dishes. Its an excellent healthy substitute to regular cream cheese, and it pairs well with other ingredients like thyme, basil, and honey. This is a cheese you can enjoy on its own as an appetizer or add it to any recipe. The cheese is incredibly nutritious and a good source of vitamins and minerals known to boost the immune system, support healthy growth, boost energy, and guard the body against infections.