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Spanish Sliced Green Olives 6x1.56kg Per Tin

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Spanish sliced green olives are favorite in many cuisines around the world. They are juicy and come sliced, ready to be added to pasta dishes, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches.


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Weight 6x1.56kg Per Tin
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Spanish sliced green olives are usually harvested before they are fully ripe, which is why they are green in color. They are native to Spain but widely used in many cuisines around the world. The olives come sliced ready to be added to your salads or pizzas. They are also great in sandwiches and burgers and also pair well with other foods like boiled eggs. You can also use the olives to make sauces for your pasta dishes, toast, or to make a creamy, healthy dip to enjoy with chips and other crispy bitings. They are absolutely a great food choice to add to your daily diet because they are highly nutritious. The olives contain high amounts of antioxidants and other essential nutrients known to boost heart health and guard the body against infections and disease.