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Baby Pineapple S/Af 8 pc / ctn

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Experience the taste of paradise with Baby Pineapple South Africa, available in a box of 8 pieces from Martoo Wholesale. Order now and infuse your menus, fruit displays, or personal snacking moments with the exotic essence of these delightful baby pineapples. Elevate your fruit selection and bring a touch of tropical bliss to your customers or guests. Place your order today and enjoy the tropical sweetness of Baby Pineapple South Africa.


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Weight 8 pc / ctn
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Discover the sweet and tropical delight of Baby Pineapple S/Af, exclusively available from Martoo Wholesale. Our premium Baby Pineapple South Africa brings you the irresistible taste of the tropics in a compact and convenient size. Each box contains 8 carefully selected Baby Pineapples from S/Af, known for their exceptional quality and delectable flavor. These petite pineapples are the perfect size for snacking, adding a touch of elegance to fruit platters, or incorporating into your favorite recipes. Baby Pineapple showcases a vibrant golden-yellow color with a fragrant aroma that will transport you to a sunny paradise. Each bite reveals a burst of juicy sweetness, complemented by a subtle tang that tantalizes your taste buds. With their tender and succulent flesh, these baby pineapples are a true delight to savor. Martoo Wholesale takes pride in sourcing the finest produce for our customers. Our Baby Pineapple South Africa undergoes strict quality checks to ensure that only the best fruits make it into our boxes. Carefully pack each box to protect the delicate pineapples during transportation, ensuring they arrive at your location in pristine condition. Martoo wholesale is one of big supplier for food product. Check our website for more Fresh Fruits and get the biggest affordable price.

Country of origin

South Africa