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Tomato Ketchup pet 340gm x 24

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Taste the American Gourmet Tomato Ketchup the tangy and sweet flavor. Perfect for sandwich, hamburger, toast, fries, nuggets and fried chicken. Buy bulk now and enjoy every bite!


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Weight 340gm x 24
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Order bulk American Gourmet Tomato Ketchup Pet Bottle 24x340g from Martoo wholesale. The best market with the highest quality products and great deals. Tomato Ketchup Pet Bottle made from high quality of fresh tomatoes from USA and add some chili. The tangy and sweet flavor surely you will love it. Add to your recipe to make Sandwich, hamburgers, fries, hotdog, toast, and sauce for any dish like fried chicken. Perfect for Party, Birthday, Wedding, Outing, Catering, Buffet and Restaurant Martoo wholesale is one of the big supplier for food product. Don't forget to store in your cupboard for continuous enjoy and use. Ketchup has contain lycopene, antioxidants, fight cancer, protect your heart and brain. Martoo Wholesale - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!