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Teaspoon (small) 40x50 mapco

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Teaspoon is a typical use for measuring the ingredients for cooking and baking. And also you can use as well for stirring beverages and perfect for any outdoor or picnic. Martoo wholesale will give you the biggest affordable price.


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SKU 754-EW
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Weight 40x50 mapco
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Order Bulk Teaspoon (small) from Martoo wholesale. The best market with the highest quality products and great deals. Teaspoon has a big role when its comes in the kitchen. It's a standard measurement for any ingredients in your cooking or baking. It's a typical use to for stirring beverages, and also if you eating soft sweet. You can use as well in Restaurant, Café, pasties, and buffet, this teaspoon small is perfect for any outdoor like picnic. The material of these disposable items is good quality and durable. The white color is a presentable look with the size 96 millimeters x 50pcs x 40 packed in 1 carton. Martoo wholesale will give you the best affordable price. Martoo Wholesale  - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!