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Sadia Whole Frozen Chicken 10 pcs x 800g

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Sadia Whole Frozen Chicken is the key to make delicious recipes. In addition to the taste, the quality of frozen products is also highly maintained which helps customers stock in bulk to keep up with any upcoming event their way. With its preservation techniques of retaining health and nutrition, you can stock it in bulk and get yourself sorted.


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Weight 10 pcs x 800g
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Chicken has without a doubt become one of the essential elements of most recipes, especially junk food. It is a good decision to store a bulk of frozen chicken and use it in the time of need. Those who are looking forward to quality and taste, get your hands on the tempting Sadia Whole Frozen Chicken. With its delicious taste and storage ability it has become a popular choice among the masses. Sadia Whole Frozen Chicken can be utilized in any of the following chicken recipes; - Grilled chicken - Roasted chicken - Fried chicken - Steamed chicken recipes. With Sadia Frozen chicken in stock, you can entertain your unannounced guests anytime. Each packet comes along with a serving of 10 pcs x 800g. Martoo, is proud to inform our customers that we have Sadia Whole Frozen Chicken in wholesale stock. You can avail of the opportunity and get a bulk of frozen chicken today. It can be either for an upcoming birthday party, wedding event or for arranging a buffet. We are a wholesale supplier, which is why restaurants can seek us to get a bulk of chicken that fulfills their requirement of good quality chicken within budget. We are extremely particular regarding the quality of products we offer, keeping intact our customer’s affordability. Visit our website to check on more of Sadia frozen chicken products and get the one that best suits your requirements.

At Sadia, customers are able to find the perfect blend of quality, taste, and affordability. We are proud for providing quality chicken keeping intact all the safety protocols. Moreover, Sadia offers a range of products including frozen whole chicken, chicken parts, ready to eat chicken, and more. You can get your hands on our crunchy chicken and make meals even more exciting.