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Sadia Chicken Franks 24 pcs x 340g

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Sadia chicken franks 340g pack can be your best snacking partner. With its rich nutrients, including high-quality proteins, it can be used in various recipes. Martoo Wholesale brings easy access to food products with online grocery shopping. Shop Sadia Chicken Franks online and enjoy the best deals and fast delivery services.


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Weight 24 pcs x 340g
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Unleash the goodness of Chicken franks 340gm by Sadia at Martoo and elevate your cuisine experience. Tailored with high quality chicken, it lays the foundation of an extraordinary product. With the use of advanced processing techniques, these chicken franks are made with the right mix of chicken. Further, seasoned with a blend of spices and ingredients to bring about a desirable taste. An essential step to bring the final taste of the product. Creating a smooth and fine texture for these Chicken Franks involves the process of emulsification. Moreover, the product is cooked to requirements. And cooled down afterwards to set the texture and retain its moisture. After cooling down, they undergo different quality control checks. The approved products further proceeded for packaging and freezing. Lastly, the process of freezing helps preserve the freshness, quality, and texture of Sadia Chicken Franks ready for distribution. These chicken franks can be an addition to your cuisine, be it a backyard barbeque with friends or frying at home for a quick bite. You can make your meals with an addition of chicken franks to scrambled eggs or burritos for a perfect protein-rich breakfast, an ideal ingredient to make pizza, wraps, sandwiches, and other recipes more delicious, for traditional recipes of pasta, spaghetti, or macaroni to enhance taste or as a healthy booster to different salads. So, Order online from Martoo to get a bulk of Sadia Chicken Franks 340gm and serve a big gathering. Martoo Wholesale is an online grocery store providing high-quality food products all over the UAE. Through online orders, get Martoo points to grab discounts and the best deals in Dubai to have a perfect snack. So, no need to wait anymore. And order your favorite snacks today.