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Raw Cashews W 10 kg

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Raw Cashew is a large, white whole cashew that is not roasted or processed, and it’s one of the most popular cashews in the world. The nuts have a rich, nutty flavor and taste, and they are the perfect high-energy snack.


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Raw Cashew is cashew that is not roasted, treated, salted, or processed that you can roast to enjoy as a snack or use it raw as an ingredient. Cashew nuts add a lot of flavor and crunch to any dish. In Arabic cuisine, cashew nuts are used in rice dishes, chicken dishes, desserts, and pastries. They are also ground and combined with other ingredients to make a thick, rich paste you can use as a spread or dip. Cashew nuts are considered high-energy snacks because they contain nutrients that boost energy. They are incredibly nutritious and a good source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Eating cashew nuts daily can keep your heart healthy, regulate blood pressure, promote dental and bone health, and strengthen the immune system.