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Rainbow Evaporated Milk Original Catering Pack 48 pcs x 410ml

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Indulge in the wholesome goodness of Rainbow evaporated milk. Made with high-quality milk and carefully packaged. This milk is not only a flavorful addition to your desserts but is also rich in essential nutrients, specifically Vitamin D and Calcium. Get your hands on this creamy and velvety ingredient.


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Weight 48 pcs x 410ml
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Rainbow Evaporated Milk brings a creamy richness to your favourite recipes. Elevate your savour dishes with this versatile evaporated milk in UAE. Prepared with the finest and highest-quality milk, it provides a caramelized flavour to recipes. The original milk initially undergoes a process of heating. It is gently heated to lower the water content and to get a concentrated, velvety outcome. Being rich in essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D. This Rainbow evaporated milk is not just a delight to your recipes but also brings a nutritious boost. Whether you add it to your desserts or touch to your morning tea or coffee, it is a perfect addition to the creaminess. It is a secret ingredient to uplift your ordinary recipes into an extraordinary culinary experience. When it comes to the packaging of this Milk Original, it is highly convenient and easy to handle and pour. With careful handling and well-preservation techniques, it ensures the longer shelf life of evaporated milk UAE. Order online a bulk of Rainbow Evaporated Milk Original catering pack to bring taste to your recipes today. Martoo Wholesale is one of the Wholesale Food Suppliers in UAE. At Martoo, we guarantee quality products, the best deals in Dubai, and fast delivery services to customers. So, why wait? Experience the best online grocery shopping in Dubai with Martoo and elevate your dishes.