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Natco dried basil 10x25gm

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This spices is a kind of herbs that will add more flavor to your dish. Perfect for any dish such as Marinades, Pizza, Stew, Soups and Pasta Sauce. Try now!


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Introducing the Natco Dried Basil 10x25g from Martoo wholesale. The best market with the highest quality products and great deals. Basil leaves one of type of herbs that edible to eat and use as spices. Dried basil leave will enhance the flavor of your dish. Add to your spices to give more savory taste such as Soups, Pizza, Pasta sauce, Stews, Casseroles, and Marinade. This Natco Dried Basil 10x25g is very convenient for any chef to cook any dish such as Party, Catering, Buffet and Restaurant. This herbs it's a good source of respiratory system and it helps to lowering blood pressure, managing blood sugar, and to boost immune system. You can use also this basil if you have cold, stress, reducing blood glucose, and cholesterol level. Martoo wholesale is one of big supplier for food product. Check our website for more Daily Fresh and get the biggest affordable price. Martoo Wholesale - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!