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Fonterra milk powder full cream 25 kg

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Experience the full cream richness with Fonterra milk powder full cream an immensely nutritious and high quality product available in 25 g packaging at Martoo Wholesale.


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Weight 25 kg
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Fonterra presents Fonterra Milk Powdder Full Cream along with various other whole milk powders. It is a concentrated milk that has been dried into a powder by removing water content. The "Full cream" signifies that all of the natural fat found in fresh milk has been incorporated into the milk powder. It further includes components like lactose, protein, and milk fat. Therefore, being a rich source of calcium, protein, and essential vitamins, this product can be utilized in various culinary uses. Moreover, this product can be best used as a substitute for fresh milk in regions where fresh milk is not easily available. It is one of the essentials for the production of dairy beverages, baking, cooking, and preparing a range of other dishes. In addition to its rich nutritional content, it is also known for its convenient availability and versatility. Martoo wholesale brings a range of food and beverage products to its customers. If you look forward to ordering Fonterra Milk Powder Full Cream in bulk, Martoo can be your best assistance. Martoo ensures to provide high-quality products at the most exciting low prices. So, what are you waiting for? Order Fonterra milk powder full cream in bulk today and enjoy your dairy beverage.

Fonterra is an international brand providing a range of dairy products to add flavor to your recipes. The brand ensures to provide high quality products to customers making it their first choice.

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New Zealand