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Amazon Sweet Corn 400g x 24 Cans

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Amazon Sweet Corn gives you a shimmering, golden opportunity; cook meals that glisten like the sun! Home-cooks, care to brighten your plate with that vibrant, fresh goodness of whole Kernel sweet corn? Cooking-enthusiasts, looking for a picked and packed sweet corn can with some flavorsome milky starch heart? Well, you’ve found your place; we have it in store.


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Weight 400g x 24 Cans
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With Amazon Sweet Corn, highly enriched with vitamin B12, iron & folic acid, your salads, hot delicious soups, casseroles and protein dishes will scream out in enthusiasm: boring dishes—finally out the window! Amazon Sweet Corn is produced by the superb selection of perfectly baked grains until it becomes all prepped up for a splendid serving. Not only will it garnish your food art, this finely picked and packed product will also add immense benefit to every home-cooked recipe you decide to create. Amazon Sweet Corn is a must-have for every home-chef persistently trying to make it big and grand with just a few resources. This ingredient is surely to give you and your family a high energy kick, without actually playing around with cholesterol levels. Vegans, vegetarians, meat-enthusiasts, gather around; it’s time to order Amazon Sweet corn online; it’s a deliciously safe option for you all. Get as creative as you can with your salads, soups, casseroles and chicken, meat or fish dishes; they sky’s the limit!

Amount per 130g
Servings Per Container3
Calories from fat15
Daily Value%
Total Fat1.5 g2
Cholesterol0 mg0
Sodium170 mg7
Total Carbohydrate18 g6
Dietary Fiber4 g16
Sugar4 g
Protein3 g
Vitamin A0
Vitamin C8

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  • Heat the contents in a suitable pot.

  • Add favorite spices or special blends.

  • Then, enjoy Amazon delicious dish.

Sweet Corn, Water, Sugar, Salt, Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator), Calcium Chloride (E509)