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Al Islami Cooking Shrimps 10 pcs x 1kg

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Al Islami Cooking Shrimp is best option for seafood lovers. Ensuring all quality standards, these shrimps are a healthy snack. Be it grilled, stir-fried, or boiled, enjoy the richness of protein and other essential nutrients with this delectable product.

  • Rich Protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • Healthy addition to diet


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Weight 10 pcs x 1kg
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When it comes to premium seafood products, Al Islami is a well-known brand. With its high-quality cooking shrimps, it has been providing a delectable meal for seafood lovers. Al Islami ensures a careful and sustainable approach for all seafood products. It guarantees quality product sourced in a reliable manner. Al Islami cooking shrimp is prepared with the most authentic quality shrimp. It provides an exciting experience of seafood cuisine. It has added a cooking convenience due to its easy and quick preparation. These shrimps can be an ultimate ingredient for different recipes. No added hormones and antibiotics are used in making this premium product. Moreover, this locked frozen freshness is rich in protein content. It is also a known a healthy choice of food for sustaining keto diet. Al Islami has always ensured quality packaging of its products that helps with the product quality. Al Islami cooking shrimps 1kg packet has the perfect packaging to secure product from any external contaminant. The packaging also helps in minimizing chances of freezer burn and retain its moisture content. Therefore, the product guarantees freshness, nutritional content, and taste intact. Apart from the flavor of shrimps, its nutritive properties include protein richness, omega 3 fatty acid, antioxidants, low in saturated fats, and much more. Whether grill, stir-fry, or boiled, these shrimps can be enjoyed in different recipes. Martoo Wholesale is one of the best food supplier in UAE. Order online a bulk of Al Islami Cooking Shrimps from Martoo. And enjoy the best deals in Dubai with fast delivery services.