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Al Islami Chicken Liver 20 pcs x450g

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Shop online a bulk of healthy and nutritious Al Islami Chicken Liver and get several health benefits. Martoo wholesale is one of the Best wholesale food supplier in Dubai with which you can avail quality food products from the ease of your home.


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Weight 20 pcs x450g
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Al Islami Chicken Liver is a delicious treat for those who enjoy organ meat. It can be easily included in a balanced diet for several health benefits due to its rich nutritional content. The nutrient rich chicken liver can be used for frying and sauteing in different recipes. It can be well utilized to prepare a quick and easy meal. Some of the benefits of chicken liver includes, an excellent source of iron (heme iron), rich Vitamin A, high-quality protein source, energy Booster, rich folate content, high in Vitamin B12, and more. Moreover, Al Islami is well-known for providing quality products. To meet the safety guidelines, each of the chicken products is  selected and processed carefully. It also helps to increase its shelf life making it an easy access for consumers to get safe and convenient frozen chicken products. Martoo is a wholesale online grocery store that has been providing its impeccable services. At Martoo Wholesale, get quality guaranteed products, with fast delivery services, and best deals in Dubai. Customers can also enjoy Martoo reward points on every order to get further discounts on the next order. So, order online a bulk of Al Islami chicken Liver 450g pack from Martoo. An easy to prepare healthy product.