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Al Islami Chicken Gizzard 20 pcs 450g

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Sourced from high quality chicken, Al Islami Chicken Gizzard can be a go-to snack for organ meat lovers. The frozen product is well-packaged and preserved to maintain its quality and flavor. Order online to get a bulk of Al Islami Chicken Gizzard from Martoo wholesale and avail the best deals in Dubai.


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Weight 20 pcs 450g
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Al Islami consists of a wide range of high-quality frozen products. Frozen products have made cooking an easy and quick job. Especially in the hustle of life, shop online ready-to-eat frozen products for convenient cooking. Chicken Gizzard is among the various products by Al Islami with varied health benefits. Al Islami Chicken Gizzard 450g is made with high quality chicken which is further involved in the process of freezing. It is helps in preserve the flavor and freshness of frozen products. The process of freezing helps in slowing down the growth of microorganisms in order to increase shelf life. Chicken gizzards are known to be a rich source of varied essential nutrients. This is why, it is recommended to add them to a well-balanced diet. Varied health benefits include richness of proteins, good source of Iron, relatively low in fat, as compared to other parts of chicken, it includes several vitamins and minerals, and much more. These frozen gizzards can be prepared in different cooking ways including baking, steaming, or grilling. Due to its tenderness, it can be a delicious and healthy delight to fulfill your appetite. Shop online bulk of Al Islami Chicken Gizzards at Martoo wholesale and enjoy the best deals in Dubai. Martoo is the best wholesale food supplier in Dubai providing high quality frozen products at great prices with fast delivery services.