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Al Islami Chicken Fries 12 pcs x 400g

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Enjoy a delicious appetizer of all times, Al Islami Chicken Fries. With a tender chicken inside and crispness outside, it can be perfectly enjoyed with your favorite dip sauce. Due to its protein richness, it can be an healthy addition to your snacks.


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Weight 12 pcs x 400g
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Al Islami is a renowned brand when it comes to frozen chicken products. The brand has been adhering to its commitment of providing halal and high quality products. Chicken Fries by Al Islami are the perfect product for those looking forward to enjoy a delicious treat. Al Islami Chicken Fries is a perfect mixture of tender and juicy snack. Carefully prepared with the best opted halal chicken to maintain the standard of quality and taste of the product. Expertly tailoring a blend of spices and ingredients, these chicken fries provide a delectable taste in every bite. Halal chicken wrapped around by breadcrumbs giving a crunchy texture upon frying. Kids or even adults happily enjoy it paired with their favorite dip sauce, adding extra flavor. Moreover, these chicken fries are an easy to prepare product, perfect for a quick appetizer. Whether you like it grilled, baked, or fried, follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. And, enjoy a perfect meal of Chicken fries. To cater your favorite recipes, you can also customize these fries. Further, Al Islami ensures full freshness and intact nutritive properties by packaging Chicken Fries carefully. It helps retain the flavor and quality of the product from the moment of buying till the last serving. An ideal way to stock your freezer with healthy yet quick to prepare snack. Elevate your cuisine with this perfect combination of taste, quality, and purity of Al Islami chicken fries. It can be easily bought and stored from Martoo Wholesale to enjoy anytime. Martoo Wholesale is an online grocery store, providing high-quality food products. Notably, Martoo is a reliable food supplier in UAE that has also been offering best deals in Dubai. At Martoo, highest standards of quality are maintained in order to provide the best online grocery experience. Customers can also enjoy Martoo reward points on every order to have further discounts on the next one. It also ensure fast delivery services throughout the UAE. So, order online a bulk of Al Islami Chicken Fries 400g today. To uplift your snack time with this delicious delight.