Pine Nuts Pakistan 500 g

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Pine nuts have a buttery flavor and will add a bit of crunch to your dishes. Grown in Pakistan, the nuts are great for snacking on and are an excellent way of adding a nutty flavor and texture to your dishes.


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Pine nuts are dry fruits you can snack on or add to your favorite recipes. They have a nutty, sweet, buttery flavor and will add a bit of crunch to your dishes. The nuts are grown in Pakistan and are some of the fanciest nuts. Of the many recipes you can add the nuts to, they are a great addition to green salads, pasta dishes, and meat dishes. In Italian cuisine, the nuts are a key feature in their classic pesto sauce. They are also popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and feature in different dishes like fatayer, kibbeh and in desserts like baklava. In American cuisine, the nuts are used in making coffee and pastries. They are pretty versatile and on top of that, they are highly nutritious. Pine nuts are a prime source of carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin E and other essential nutrients that help boost energy levels, promote heart health and support mental health.

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