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Luxurious Large Fawalat 3x23kg

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This beautiful VIP Luxurious Large Fawalat Basket an assortment of fresh 18kg, Omani Halwa 1kg-1pc, Nuts 550g-2pcs, Saudi Dates 850g-2pcs, they are sweet, delicious, and nutritious. Also, it is the perfect gift basket for events.


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Weight 3x23kg
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This beautiful VIP Luxurious Large Fawalat Basket is an assortment of fresh 20kg, Omani Halwa 1kg-1pc, Nuts  550g-2pcs, Luxurious Selection of Saudi Dates 850g-2pcs, and fruits. They are sweet, delicious, and nutritious - a true masterpiece that blends the finest flavors and elegance in a delightful symphony of freshness. We have big Fawalat Al Eid offers. In the heart of this Basket, you will discover a world of taste and texture that is simply unparalleled. You can use the selection of fruits in the Luxurious Large Fawalat basket for making fruit salads. Combine the apples, peaches, strawberries, mangoes, and dragon fruit for a simple yet extravagant summer fruit salad. It will be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. You can eat every fruit in the basket fresh or use it as an ingredient. Let's talk about those 1kg of Omani Halwa, a singular delight that promises an explosion of flavor in every bite. Alongside it, the 850g of Saudi Dates add a touch of exotic luxury, infusing your taste buds with a heavenly sweetness that lingers. We've also included 550g of premium nuts, a delightful accompaniment to the rich flavors of the Halwa and Dates. Crunchy, satisfying, and packed with nutrients, they complete the perfect trifecta for your indulgent moments. Fruits are a cornerstone of a healthy and balanced diet. Our special fruit basket is designed to make that journey easy for you. With our special fruit basket, you will save time and effort to arrange your own fruit basket. Why spend precious time and effort selecting and arranging your own fruit basket when, we can do it for you? Treat yourself, your family, or surprise that special someone with this beautifully arranged Fruit Basket from Martoo. Order now at Martoo online grocery shopping and earn more points with 20% instant cashback!

Omani Halwa 1kg-1pc, Nuts  550g-2pcs, Luxurious Selection of Saudi Dates 850g-2pcs, and fruits.