Jordan Medjool Dates 500 gm

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Mejdool dates are enjoyed for their health benefits and natural sweetness. The soft, sticky, and succulent dates are grown in Morocco and commonly eaten as a snack all across the globe. They are highly nutritious and a great addition to puddings, smoothies, desserts, and pastries.


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Mejdool dates are native to Morocco, and they are large dates with a caramel-like flavor and taste and a chewy texture. They are often eaten as snacks in the Middle East and other regions across the world. They are quite versatile. You can use the dates for making cakes, cookies, muffins, and other pastries. You can also use it to make rich and sweet dips, and spreads, and smoothies or milkshakes. They contain a lot of good nutrients that are known to improve skin texture, support healthy bones, and promote heart and brain health.

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