Amazon Vanilla Powder 100g x 48 Cans

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Amazon Vanilla Powder adds a tasty, sweet-smelling flair to your favorite desserts from baked cakes, tarts, milkshakes, ice cream, custards, trifles, pies, cookies, puddings, custards, frostings, whipped creams, and many many more. This vanilla-flavored powder is your own secret ingredient to a dessert everyone will admire, from family and friends to all visiting guests!


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Weight 100g x 48 Cans
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Amazon Vanilla Powder will add a grand, delicious, sweet-smelling flavor to all of your best desserts; it lends so much flavor to anything you're baking. Vanilla is a pantry essential: if you ever even think about baking, you’re likely to have a bottle of the extract in your kitchen. The clean, potent flavor of vanilla powder makes it a great addition to dry mixes—like cookies, cakes, or waffle bases—or as a powdered sugar substitute for coating just-fried doughnuts or sifting over cake. Amazon Vanilla Powder is a healthy option for all housewives who want to keep an eye on the calorie intake. With calories fewer than sugar, this powder will get your desserts smelling and tasting delicious, without having to gain those extra pounds! And not only that, did you know that it’s a great anti-aging ingredient to keep your hair and skin looking young and healthy?! Get Amazon Vanilla Powder online, and just notice the difference.

Amount per 100g
Energy374 kcal/1590 Kj
Protein<0.1 g
Carbohydrate92.6 g
Total Sugars67.9 g
Fat0.2 g
Saturated Fat0.08 g
Sodium0.01 g
Salt Equivalent0.02 g

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Country of origin


Sugar, Corn Starch, Artificial Vanilla Flavor, Anti-caking agent (E341c)