Amazon Coffee Creamer 400g x12 Bottles

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Amazon coffee creamer is your ultimate favorite, non-dairy creamer that you cannot say no to! This product will easily mix with those coffee beans, blending in perfectly well in that mug of yours. Cream lumps will never be a problem with this coffee creamer, even if you add milk to your cup; you will never lay eyes on those sticky powder balls on the surface of your morning coffee—never again!


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Weight 400g x12 Bottles
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Amazon coffee creamer is here to give you the cup of coffee you truly deserve. This is the perfect additive to the Amazon coffee cup you crave every day. It will whiten, enrich and add good nutrition to that daily caffeine intake. It will mix with your coffee beans with great ease and blend in perfectly well to give you the boost you crave. So, if you’re seeking out that perfect cup of coffee to start off your morning, then Amazon Coffee Creamer is your go-to ingredient. Amazon coffee creamer is specifically designed to go well with all types of coffee blends. So, time to complement your coffee with an essential dose of creamer; time to buy Amazon coffee creamer!

Amount per 100g
Energy2272 kj /545 kcal
Protein1.8 g
Fat33 g
Carbohydrate63 g

Amazon Foods™ is the culmination of dedicated efforts made by Al Atheed General trading LLC., back in 2001 by launching Al Maras as one of the best tea filling factories in the middle east, and the rest is history. It all started from the heart of the world “Dubai”, but it didn’t stop there, as Amazon reached far beyond to expand into more than 40 markets around the globe, satisfying different traditional and local tastes, with healthy grocery products created with natural components, guaranteed quality, economical prices and provided hassle-free to cater to individuals & wholesalers demand.

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  • Put a spoon of Amazon instant coffee in a mug

  • Add sugar

  • Add 2-4 spoons of coffee creamer as per your preference

  • Mix it for 2 to 3 minutes

  • Add again less than one teaspoon of coffee creamer

  • Mix it for 3 minutes

  • The creamy coffee is ready! Take a sip and enjoy!

  • Keep in a cool & dry place away from sunlight.

Glucose Syrup, Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (coconut), Casein (Milk Protein), Stabilizers (Dipotassium phosphate, sodium phosphate), Emulsifier (Mono & Diglycerides of fatty acids), anticaking agent (Silicon dioxide)